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The IceMan holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Texas.  The Iceman specializes in Relationships, Divorce, Post-Divorce, Life Coaching, PTSD and Depression Therapy.  The IceMan also holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Information Systems Technology Management.  The IceMan also offers business consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.  The IceMan can develop a business/marketing plan YOUR business Today!!


We offer PTSD Mental Health Psychotherapy to Veterans and mmilitary service members!  Our therapists are either Disabled Veterans or Reserve military.  We Serve Military Families as well!!



Services WE Offer:



Do need Relationship Advice, Therapy or Life Coaching for turning YOUR Life around?  Ladies, are Men passing YOU by?  Ask The IceMan!

Life Coaching/Mental Health Therapy 

*Skype Sessions:

1 session @ $89.99

2 sessions @ $117.99

5 sessions @ $329.99


Messenger/Email Corresponce Sessions:

*1 session @ $59.99



Phone sessions:

*1 session @ $59.99 

*2 sessions @ $112.99


Monthly Subscription for ALL Therapy Services:

* Per Month @ $329.99


MUST have working Webcam, email, phone.  We also offer Skype for those with a webcam!

*All voice/phone/Skype, electronic and written correspondence are confidential, and, will not be made public without YOUR written consent.




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